FTX F'd us all.
Let's F them back.

FU FTX is a BNB Chain token with a particular purpose: To give FTX the largest FU in history for what they did to us, all while helping support victims of the FTX collapse.


Every token bought is one F**k you to FTX.

FTX royally screwed millions of people out of their crypto and took the market down with it. Each FU FTX token is an immutable digital representation of a"F**k you" aimed directly at FTX and its executives.


Because no one else seems to be helping, 2% of every transaction goes to supporting victims of the FTX collapse.

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2% of transactions go to help victims

1% of transactions go to the troll fund.

The troll fund is designed to support public displays of vengeance that are legal, ethical, non-violent, and funny - all while helping spread the word about our cause.

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Trustworthy... unlike others.

Audited Contract

The FU FTX contract has been audited by Dessert Finance and received an exceptional score across all categories.

Successful Team

The FU FTX founder has built other safe and highly successful projects on BNB Chain .

No Rug Zone

The LP will be locked for 1 year following launch.

FU FTX Tokenomics

The FU FTX token smart contract utilizes built-in token tax mechanics in order to support various ecosystem efforts. There is an 8% total tax, split evenly between FTX Victim Relief and Admin/Community.

FU FTX Transaction Tax

In order to support FU FTX's cause, 8% of every buy, sell, and transfer transaction is collected auto-magically by the FU FTX smart contract.

2% to FTX Victims

Over a million people were screwed out of their crypto and virtually no one seems to care about helping them. FU FTX does care. That's why 2% of the 8% transaction tax goes to helping victims of the FTX collapse.

4% to Admin & Community Costs

4% of the 8% transaction tax is collected in order maintain a vibrant community, spread the word about our cause, host giveaways, and cover other necessary expenses.


Where can I buy FU FTX?

The FU FTX Fairlaunch/Presale begins on January 31st at 12:00 PM EST!

Click here to learn how to participate.

What blockchain is FU FTX on?

FU FTX is a BEP-20 token on BNB Chain.

Cheap gas and fast transactions ftw!

How can I join the community?

The main community hub for FU FTX is our official Telegram channel. Join here.

We also have a Twitter account which you can follow here.

Wen this? Wen that?

Important dates to look out for will be posted in our official community channels!

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How do you plan on supporting FTX victims?

We are currently evaluating 2 different paths on how to accomplish this.

Path 1 is to send the proceeds to another trusted organization who can handle vetting and victim relief distributions for us.

Path 2 is to establish our own system for vetting and victim relief distributions.

Our primary objective with any path is to ensure that the most amount of relief reaches the victims who need it most.

We will keep the community in the loop as things develop, and post the victim relief wallet address publicly so everyone can keep an eye on it.

How do I know this is not a scam?

It is understandable to have trust issues considering we all were bamboozled by a dude who wears cargo shorts to work.

We could sit here all day and tell you why FU FTX is not a scam, but talk is cheap. Instead, we've done the legwork to prove it to you.

The main dev of FU FTX has built some of the most successful projects on BNB chain, and have a perfect track record of being SAFU devs.

This has been verified publicly by both Pinksale and Dessert Finance, two large and reputable organizations in the space whom the creators have worked with in the past.

In addition, the FU FTX token contract has been audited by Dessert Finance, and the FU FTX founder has been privately doxxed and KYC'd with Dessert Finance.

Is there any planned utility for the token?

No, that would be silly.